A Simple Way To Be Better Friends With Your Partner

I see this time and time again. A couple will come into my office and tell me that they feel like they don’t even know each other any more, that they feel like “roommates,” or worse that they aren’t even friends. Sadly, this is a very common problem with couples that have been together for […]

Questions Asked by Couples Before Starting Counseling

When couples seek counseling they often have questions about my style of counseling as well as my beliefs about relationships and divorce. I recently got asked what my stance is on divorce. Meaning am I for, neutral,  or against divorce. My stance on divorce would depend on the specific couple. As a couples therapist, I like […]

An Easy Way to Get Therapy at No Cost to You

It’s been my experience that many people view cost as a barrier to getting therapy. They might have a high deductible insurance plan or no insurance at all and have been putting off contacting a counselor because they fear they will have a big bill to pay at the end of the month. Many people […]

The Importance of Emotional Connection During Everyday Activities

It sounds so simple, right? Of course you should spend time with your significant other! You might spend a great deal of time together already! But ask yourself this, is it meaningful? Does it allow you and your partner to emotionally connect? John Gottman calls this “putting deposits in the emotional bank account” and this […]

You are NOT Your Mental Illness

I was walking home yesterday and I heard a man on his phone say “My back is bothering me again, so I thought I’d call and get it checked out.” I can assume he was talking to his doctor or chiropractor. This got me thinking about how his conversation would have been different had he […]

5 Common Obstacles That Stop You From Practicing Mindfulness and How to Overcome Them

One of the first skills I often teach is mindfulness since it has many different uses and benefits. A simple definition of mindfulness would be focusing on one thing at a time, in the present moment, with awareness and acceptance. There are two main types of mindfulness: informal and formal. Informal mindfulness practice involves taking something you […]