Danielle contributed the following to a Huffington Post article about creative ways to not get stir-crazy and annoyed with your spouse when you are snowed-in with your spouse:

Start eating.

In an ideal world, you’d be at some new brunch place in the city, taking your first bite of fried chicken and sipping a Bloody Mary. But you aren’t living in an ideal world ― you’re living through a snowpocalypse, and you’re essentially under house arrest with the rest of your family.

If you can’t agree on anything else, you can all probably agree that you’re hungry. To Couple Snowed-Inthat end, warm up those frozen tamales from Christmas ― or use the leftover cheese from your New Year’s party for a makeshift charcuterie board. If you’re really feeling ambitious, score brownie points with your spouse by making breakfast in bed.

“Hey, you may not be at a hotel, but you can still get the hotel experience in small ways when you’re experiencing this weather,” said Danielle Kepler, a marriage and family therapist. “Figure out what food you have in your fridge and eat it in bed, wearing robes and your pajamas as if you received room service.”

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