Danielle contributed the following to a Huffington Post article about signs that you are in a relationship rut and how to get past them:

4. You’re confiding in other people. 

Your spouse or partner should be the person you’re most excited to share your good news with ― and the person you can rely on to listen when you need a good end-of-the-day rant. It’s problematic if you’re turning to someone else, said Danielle Kepler, a therapist in Chicago.

Relationship Rut

“If you think to yourself, ‘I can’t wait to tell X this’ and X is not your partner, you may be dealing with a relationship lull,” she said.

Ask yourself why you stopped wanting to tell your partner these things: Are there trust issues? Have you told them about an issue you’re having at work, only to find they’re too absorbed in their phone to listen?

“If it’s a lack of uninterrupted time together, you may have to schedule some catch-up time,” Kepler said. “And if they don’t pay attention when you want to talk, be sure to bring it up in a way that’s noncritical. Say: ‘Hey, I feel let down when I try to discuss something important that happened in my day and you shrug me off.’” ”

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